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Frost’s Descent—“Frost Descent Comes, All Plants Wither Away”

Frost's Descent(Chinese:霜降 shuāng jiàng)the last solar term in autumn. The ancient book reads: “In mid- September, with the bleak air condensing, dew becomes frost.” It means that when the Frost's Descent arrives, the temperature drops to lower and the dew condenses into frost. Frost’s Descent refers to the period in which weather gets colder and frost begins to form. When the weather is cold, the ground temperature is also low, and the steam in the air close to the ground directly condenses into white ice crystals, which is what we call frost. Upon the frost, most of the plants begin to wither, as the old saying goes “Frost Descent comes, all plants wither away”. Regarding the date of Frost's Descent, it varies from October 23rd or 24th each year depending on the movement of the sun. In 2021, Cold Dew starts from 23th of October and ends on 6th of November.

Eat Persimmon

Many places in southern China have the custom of eating persimmons during the time of Frost’s Descent. People believe that this will prevent you from catching a cold or runny nose in winter. “Eat persimmon on Frost's Descent, no running nose”. However, this is only a saying in folk customs. The actual reason is that the persimmons are fully ripe and thus taste the best around the Frost’s Descent. The thin-skinned, juicy, sweet and nutritious persimmons in this season are beloved by people.

Nourishing Food

Frost’s Descent is a time for mild tonic, giving people the energy to deal with the harsh winter. People must eat some more high-energy and nutritious foods!

Enjoy Red Leaves

After a few times of frosts, all vegetation wither and fall, except maple leaves, which grow to be stunningly beautiful, creating magnificent scenery of red mountains, red forests". It's rather a unique view to enjoy.

Days Countdown to Chinese New Year

The current date is 23rd October 2021

102 days until 1 February 2022 (Chinese New Year)

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