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Light Snow——“Flakes-Filled Sky Ushers in a Good Harvest in the Coming Year.”

Light Snow(Chinese:小雪 xiǎo xuě)is a solar term that reflects precipitation. In the Light Snow season, the cold weather turns rains to snow. Because the snowfall is not large in quantity, and the ground temperature is not low enough, snow cannot be accumulated. As the saying goes: “flakes-filled sky ushers in a good harvest in the coming year”. The snowfall in the Light Snow season could helps the growth of crops. So, farmers are looking forward to the snow! The date of Light Snow is November 22nd or 23rd each year depending on the movement of the sun. In 2021, The Light Snow starts from 22nd November and ends on 6th December.

Eating Glutinous Rice Cake

In the south, there is a custom of eating rice cake (Chinese:糍粑 cí bā) on the day of the Light Snow. Rice cake is a popular delicacy in the South of China, made by putting steamed glutinous rice in a stone trough, and mushing it. The soft glutinous rice cake can be made into a round shape or long strips. When coated with a layer of soybean flour and sprinkled with sweet syrup, the cakes are more than delicious!


As the saying goes: “Small Snow, a time for pickled vegetables; Heavy Snow, a time for cured meat.” Wash white radish, Chinese cabbage, potherb mustard and other vegetables, pickle them with salt, and eat them as a side dish after a month. Quite a unique flavor!

Storing Vegetables in Cellar

In the north, the weather is cold in winter. It used to be difficult for people to eat fresh vegetables. Potatoes, radishes and cabbage harvested at the beginning of winter can play a big role. Dig a big hole outside the house, put the vegetables in, and then bury it with soil, or dig a cellar and put all kinds of vegetables in it. You can keep them fresh for a long time, so that the family can feed on fresh vegetables in winter.

Days Countdown to Chinese New Year

The current date is 22 November 2021

86 days until 1 February 2022 (Chinese New Year)


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