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Major Cold——“After the Major Cold, it means Another Year has Passed.”

With the passing of time, amid the snow and ice, we usher in the last of the 24 solar terms——Major Cold (Chinese: 大寒 dà hán). This is the coldest time of a year in China. The river surface is frozen and the snow lasts for a long time without melting. People who had been busy for a year now began to recuperate. Besides, we are going to start preparing for the Spring Festival! The date of Major Cold is January 20th or 21st each year depending on the movement of the sun. In 2022, The Winter Solstice starts from 20th January and ends on 3rd February.

Eating Cold-Dispelling Cake

As the saying goes: “during Slight Cold and Major Cold seasons, it is very cold even if there is no wind.” Since ancient times, there has been a tradition China of eating glutinous rice to drive off the cold. In ancient times, it was called “eating glutinous rice”. In today's Beijing and other places, it is called “eating cold-dispelling cake”. The cold-dispelling cake is a kind of glutinous cake for Spring Festival. Because glutinous rice has higher sugar content than rice, it has the effect of warming, dispelling cold, moistening lung and strengthening the spleen.

Buying Necessities for Chinese New Year

“After the Major Cold, it means another year has passed.” As soon as the Major Cold arives, Chinese New Year is not far away. People begin to rush to marler and do special purchases for the Spring Festival. All kinds of vegetables, meat fish, fruits, as well as candies and snacks that children like to eat are prepared to welcome the New Year with ample food and beautiful clothing.

Sweeping away the Dust

Chinese New Year is coming soon, and every family still has an important work to do sweeping the dust, that is, cleaning the house. Before the Spring Festival, people will clean their house inside and outside, which means to get rid of the old and welcome the new, sweeping away the bad lucky. After the couplets and the word “Fu” are pasted on the Spring Festival, the house takes on a brand-new look, brighter and more festive.

The Festival of Offering Sacrifices to the Kitchen God

In northern China, the 23rd day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar is the Festival of the Kitchen God, also known as the “Little New Year”. In the past, Kitchen God was regarded as the patron saint of the family, It is said that on this day, the Kitchen God will go to the heaven to report on the situation of the family. Therefore, people put various fruits, food and other fferings in front of the God's throne to honor and send the Kitchen God.

Making Strings of Sugar-Coated haws

Do you like the sugar-coated haw string? Every winter, the enticing strings of haws wrapped in crystal syrup become a treat no child wants to miss. In fact, you can also make the sugar- coated haw strings by yourself. Let's try it!

Days Countdown to Chinese New Year

The current date is 20 January 2022

11 days until 1 February 2022 (Chinese New Year)

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