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The Waking of Insects—— the Third Solar Terms


Jingzhe(惊蛰), also known as the Waking of Insects, is the third of China's 24 solar terms and The Waking of Insects usually starts around  7th Mar. In this year, The Waking of Insects starts from 5th Mar. to 20th Mar. As the name indicates, this term sees hibernating insects begin to wake and marks the start of mid-spring. With the weather gets warmer, and animals awaken under the call of the spring thunder. Farmers seize this chance to begin plowing fields all over China.


Here comes the thunder!Here comes the thunder!Animals wake up from hibernation and begin to come out of their holes.  In the past, it is called “slumber” when animals hide and sleep in their holes without eating anything. While the Waking of Insects means it is just the thunder that wakes them up. Isn't it vivid?


However, it is not the thunder, but the warmth of the environment that wakes the animals up. They want to find something to feed themselves. The farmers are busy too because it's the right time for sowing seeds. As the saying goes:“When it comes to the Waking of Insects, the hoes work nonstop.”

Eating pears


It is dry in spring and it's easy to get thirsty, which often makes people cough, so people in some places eat pears at the Waking of Insects as a custom. Crispy and delicious pear has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, nourishing yin and clearing heat. Pears can be eaten raw, boiled or juiced. Which way do you prefer?

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