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Summer Solstice:“There is no hot days before Summer Solstice.”

Summer Solstice(Chinese: 夏至xià zhì)is the tenth solar term. By using Tugui, ancients measured the length of the sun's shadow at noon every day, and set the day with the shortest shadow in a year as the “Summer Solstice”. As the saying goes: “There is no hot days before Summer Solstice.” Summer Solstice comes with higher temperatures and brings the hottest days. The date of it is June 21st or 22nd each year depending on the movement of the sun. In 2021, Summer Solstice starts from 21st of June and ends on 6th of July.

Eating Summer Solstice Noodles

As the saying goes: “After eating Summer Solstice noodles, we'll see shorter and shorter daytime.” People in China usually eat noodles on this day. According to the different raw materials of noodles, however, there are various kinds of noodles in China. Cooking method are different as well. Such as Noodles with soybean paste in Beijing, ramen in Lanzhou, Dandan noodles in Sichuan. Each has its own characteristics, and each has its own delicacy.

Exchange Fans And Fragrance Powder

Summer Solstice is a long period of hot weather, and today we enjoy the pleasant coolness from electric fans, air conditioners and popsicles. Yet,the ancients had their own way to cool off. Women gave colored fans and fragrance powder to each other on the day of Summer Solstice. Fans could help them cool down and the powder could prevent them from prickly heat.

Sacrifice Ancestor

Summer Solstice is the time for wheat harvesting. Since ancient times, it has been a custom to celebrate harvest and offer sacrifices to ancestors to pray for the elimination of misfortune. Therefore, the summer solstice was included in the ancient ritual of worship to the ancestors as a festival.

Days Countdown to Chinese New Year

The current date is 11 June 2021

239 days until 1 February 2021 (Chinese New Year)

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