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The Spring Festival Eve

The Spring Festival Eve, or the Chinese New Year's Eve, is called the Danian Sanshi (大年三十 the thirtieth of the Grand Year) or Chu Xi(除夕)in Chinese. It is a time of jubilance, with eyeful of Spring Festival couplets,earful of loud firecrackers,and the kitchen full of yummy stuff cooking on the stove. Wherever they are, people will hurry back home for their family reunion on the eve. In 2021, The Spring Festival Eve falls on 31th January.

The Spring Festival Eve Dinner

The Spring Festival Eve dinner is known as the Dinner of Reunion. On the Eve,children away from home will all comeback to enjoy a table full of delicacies together with their parents. People in the north prefer jiaozi, the southerners like tangyuan, sweet round dumplings to indicate family reunion, and niangao,which means"going higher and higher in the coming year".

Setting Off Firecrackers

Part of the Spring Festival celebration to set off firecrackers (鞭炮bian pao). Which is meant to add joy to the festivity. People wish that, by setting off firecrackers,good luck would come to them in the coming year.

Gift Money

On the festive occasion, young children will pay New Year calls on and express their best wishes to their elders who, in return, will offer them yasuiqian(压岁钱), money given to children as a Spring Festival gift.The money is usually wrapped up in red paper - a symbol of good fortune.


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