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White Dew——Adding clothes after White Dew

White Dew, or Bailu (Chinese: 白露 bái lù), is the third solar term in autumn. In this period, the temperature gradually declines and the vapors in the air often condense into shiny dew on the grass and leaves at cool night. According to the ancients’ attributes of the five elements, autumn is identified as “metal”,whose color is characterized by white, thereby dewdrops are called “white dew”. As the proverb goes, “Adding clothes after White Dew.” During White Dew, the hot summer is finally gone and we have the typical autumn weather. Regarding the date of White Dew, it varies from September 5th、6th or 7th  each year depending on the movement of the sun. In 2021, White Dew starts from 7th of September and ends on 22nd of September.

Drinking White Dew Tea and Wine

What do people usually to drink during White Dew? Of course they drink White Dew tea and wine. White Dew tea is a general name for all teas produced during the White Dew. With all the nutrition the tea trees have gained from the mild temperature and dew since White Dew to early October, tea tastes particularly good and is people's most preferred drink during this time. In Chenzhou, Hunan province, making rice wine this day have been a custom since ancient times. Their wine tastes sweet and mild, and is called “Bailu Rice Wine”.

Eating Longan

In southeast China’s Fuzhou, Fujian province, people like to eat longan on this day. Longan around White Dew is big, sweet and tastes great. Longan are a good source of vitamin C. An ounce of fresh longan provides almost 40 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for healthy bones, blood vessels, and skin. Feel free to have some more!

Migrant Birds

In White Dew, the weather become colder. Most of the insects lay their eggs and hide, and some freeze to death. The birds had no food to eat, so they have to start their long-distance march to the south overwintering home in the season. Looking up at the sky, you can often see the birds on the journey.

Days Countdown to Chinese New Year

The current date is 7 September 2021

There are 147 days until 1 February 2022 (Chinese New Year)

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