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September Glacier

September Glacier

The story takes place on the Sino-Russian border and unfolds with two boys and a dog. The Chinese boy Xiao Man and his dog September were in a conflict, so September crossed the glacier between China and Russia, returning to his former Russian master, the orphan Nikolas. Xiao Man missed September so much that for several times he attempted to get across the glacier and bring September back. After Xiao Man finally met Nikolas, the two were kidnapped by smugglers. Xiao Mans father and the courageous September saved their lives. After Xiao Man returned home, he thought that September was dead and was disheartened. When September appeared again, spring came...The dog bridged the gap between Xiao Man and his father and built the friendship between two boys from different countries. From then on, they all started their new lives...





Xue Tao was born in March, 1971, in Liaoning, a province in Northeast China. He used to be teacher and editor, and now works in Liaoning Province Writers’ Association.

His notable collection of short novels include The Girl Who Flies with Dandelion, Botanical Garden at Noon, Moonlight Cinema in My Home. His novels include Elf Flash, Residents in the Ruin, Paopao Going to Travel, Beating Devils, September Glacier and others.

He has won many national awards for children’s literature: Chen Bochui Children’s Literature Award, Bing Xin Children’s Literature Award, Song Qingling Children’s Literature Award, National Outstanding Children’s Literature Award and so on. His works had been selected into the textbooks of middle schools and colleges.

Xue attented the 36th IBBY World Congress in Greece from Aug 30th to Sep 1st as Deputy Chief of the delegation of China, and witnessed the election of Mingzhou Zhang as the new President of IBBY there.


Translated by Kyle David Anderson (USA)

Translation edited by Joseph Cichosz (USA)

Illustrated by biiig bear


China Translation & Publishing House is expecting the collection of Xue Taos Awarded Works in English in the next year. His most influential novels will be gathered and presented to the world.