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Grain Rain: Rain brings up the growth of hundreds of grains

Grain Rain ( 谷雨,GuYu)is the last solar term of spring. “Rain brings up the growth of hundreds of grains”.  As the saying goes, the rapid rise in temperature signals the end of cold weather, and brings increasing rainfall; hence, it is the time for plant-growing. Rice in the south and cotton in the north must grab their time to budding.  Regarding the date of Grain Rain, it varies from April 19th , 20th  or 21st  each year depending on the movement of the sun. In 2021, Grain Rain starts from 20th of April and ends on 4th of May.

Drinking Grain Rain Tea

Drink Grain Rain tea is the tradition in southern China. Grain Rain tea is spring tea picked on the period of Grain Rain. At this time, the moderate temperatures in the season make the tea leaves plump and rich in protein, calcium, vitamin C and other nutrients. Besides, it has pleasant aroma, soft and pure taste. So no matter what the weather is like during Grain Rain, people will go to Tea Mountains to pick some tea and drink it.

Eating Chinese Toona

While the south tend to drink tea, the north have the tradition to eat toon during Grain Rain. Chinese toona, commonly called Chinese mahogany. This plant is a native of China. China is the only country where Chinese toon young leaves/shoots are used as a vegetable. Chinese toona is also used in Chinese traditional medicine. So Chinese toona is widely planted in China. Toona at Grain Rain tastes best. Freshly-picked Toona contain 84% water, 9.8% protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, and are rich in aromatic substances. The flavor of young shoots reminds somewhat of onion but much less pungent. Chinese people prefer stir fried eggs with toon, or mixed Toona with tofu.


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